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Goku 2.0


Here is the previous review by Amos: [quote]So, first of all, I tested this skin in JA, not JK2. And I believe it was intended for JK2. But I'm tired and I'm not retesting the darn thing. The skin
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works great in JA, but the sounds and taunt won't work. Once again this skin is based on probably the only model that this skin would work on - the Cloud model. The changes from version 1.0 to version 1.5 are drastic. The face looks completely different. Goku looks ... happy. I know zilch about DragonBall Z, so I have no idea what Goku should really look like. Comparing the author's first skin and this latest one, I have to say that I actually like the old one better. This newer one is just a bit too cartoonish for my taste. His muscles have no real definition - they're drawn on. Fortunately, the author added bot support and team support. But don't expect anything different than what you see here in the screenshots. The sounds seem to fit rather well, and considering the first version of this skin had no custom sounds ... well ... yay! I included that pic of Goku from afar just because ... well ... I dunno ... is it maybe just the angle I took the pic at or is this model, like, WAY out of proportion? Is that intended? Anyway ... great update, I think, with all the extras included now. And the author feels that this is an improvement to his first skin of Goku - what do you guys think? [/quote] Here is the third Goku skin by asgWULF, compatible for JK2/JK3 and although Goku's body looks better than the previous two, there are no custom sounds, and the face and arms look awful :( As many of you may know, this is based on the Cloud model from Final Fantasy 7 (a very good skin) and the author has definitely chosen the best model for this skin. However, the face skinning is absolutely dreadful - even for a cartoon which is meant to be simple, it looks very messy and not much like Goku at all. He also has a small gap betwen his head and his body, around the back of the neck. Thankfully, it's not very noticable. Another thing, where are the cool designs on his top which are seen in the series, such as the turtle logo and King Kai's emblem? And what about that ugly logo in the top right-hand corner? What the hell is it? Arrrrgh!! Ugly! On a side note, the clothes look bare. :( Again, the author says this is an improvement to his 1.5 version, but if so, how come there are no custom sounds anymore?!! :confused: Anyway, until something better comes along, this Goku skin is the best you will get, and credit to the author for his perseverence. :) ~Szico VII~

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