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Isengard Version 2


Here¡¦s the original review for this map by Wade [quote] This is a very simple map and I can kinda see that it was indeed based on Isengard from LotR. Basically this map is a large tower in the
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middle of a square area covered in yavin textures. You can go inside the tower and stairs lead all the way to the top with one place to walk outside en-route. On my way up I found a hole leading outside in one corner and three places where brushes overlap (one outside spanning the height of the tower. I can see this map probably being used as a simple dueling map by a select few if you can get around the fact half of the map is untextured...unless you have the map those missing textures are in of course. Provided you don\'t expect a life-like resemblance of Isengard I don\'t see why you can go killing a few people on this map, the open area and the high tower could work. I must admit though, this one is not for me and most likely not for many people. New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No[/quote] Anyways, I do see SOME improvement with this map if not a lot. For one I got all the textures to work (JK2 BTW it won¡¦t work in JKA), and there seems to be some¡K.trees? Ents? Blobs of gunk put in to break up the terrain. I was hoping this map would be a lot better though. See this is kind of an interest to me, as I¡¦m the lead of the Lord Of The Rings Total Conversion ( ), and I was hoping for something really good. Still can¡¦t always get what ya want. Anyways, there are still a lot of problems with this map. For one, it seem EXTREAMELY blocky, like most new mappers maps do, however this is a habit you want to break ASAP. Other problems with this map include unaligned textures, and lack of detail. Oh and I couldn¡¦t get it to come up on the menu, so I had to load it through the consol. Mind you, my first map was just as bad (Maybe even worse :D) however I didn¡¦t send it in. What I advise is make a couple practice maps before you go public. Also I suggest you goto as it will explain a lot of your problems, and in general teach you how to map well. Anyways that¡¦s about it, not a bad job, just a new one, practice some, and then lets get some really good work out of you ƒº ~DeathBringer

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