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Jedi Academy Mod (1.5 win installer)


The only difference between this and the earlier released JA mod 1.5 is that this is a Windows installer - making it almost effortless to add this mod to your JK2 server! Maddog\'s review of what
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was supposed to be the last version of this great mod: Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael B.K.A. cHoSeN oNe brings us the newest and final version of his mod. What wasn’t the last version supposed to be the last? Hmmm anyway on to the review. As always this mod is a server side mod and contains all of the past features plus more. Most if not all of the changes are for the admins and the person running the server. You can now ban a whole range of I.P. addresses, there is a new command that enforces the no force/no weapons even if terminator or empowered modes are on, there is a few new sound effects added to exploding body parts and the login of admins and much much more. Personal I like this mod and we run the 1.3 version on the ICoP server and plan on taking this mod for a test run. I suggest giving this newest version a download, most of the new commands will help out the admins and who doesn’t like sound effects LOL. Great job, only time will tell if this is the final version . Maddog Below is Amos’s review of version 1.3: Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jedi Academy 1.3 is the final version of this great mod - no really - it IS the final version. Seriously. This update is chocked full of admin commands and emotes and just all kinds of stuff. There are quite a few bug fixes and this is just the best mod out there for admin-ing servers. The gameplay remains the same, but now, like if you\'re in a duel on an FFA server, you can\'t use bacta, or emotes. Any sleeping or punished person cannot be killed - they can\'t even /kill - fabulous feature for admins trying to deal with lamers. Ooo ... and if a Padawan connects and there\'s already a Pad on the server, the one connecting gets renamed. And, and, and ... there\'s just so much here. Read the readme. Trust me ... you\'re going to need to read it. It\'s a freakin\' tome, but there\'s just so much there and every feature is just ... well, okay, I\'m gushing. But I love this mod. Remember, it\'s a serverside mod, so you don\'t have to download it to play at a server that runs it. ~AmosMagee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is a list of updates from the last version: Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 - Updates · New IP Range Banning Admin Command ( mbanrange) · g_mAllowPowerups - Enforces the use of powerups when 1 or more (Except for ALL) force powers are disabled. · g_mDebugTerminator - Will enforce the \"Saber Only\" server rule and will allow no weapons other than saber upon it. · g_mDebugEmpower - Will enforce the \"No Force\" rule and will not allow empowered clients to have force. · g_mAllActivity - detects all activity by client when using the g_timeouttospec cvar, thanks Lee · bot_honorableduelacceptance - now available without cheats, default is enabled. · Spectator Followers can now be kicked, banned, etc. without affecting others. · mvstr - command that allows you to choose which map you want in the rotation, without disrupting the order. · mnextmap - executes next map available in rotation. · g_mAllowAdminMap - controls the mnextmap command usage. · g_mAllowAdminVSTR - controls the mvstr command usage. · g_mAllowTeamSuicide - allows clients to use the \\kill command when in team games. · Added Thunder sound effect to admin & knight login. · Added Explode sound effect to the mexplode admin command. · Most default settings that were in academy.cfg are now hardcoded into mod for faster and easier configuration. · - this is a perl script for BSD and Linux servers only, designed to archive your games.log file weekly. (written by neoE) · Minor Code Tweaks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, though ChosenOne has promised time and again that the last update really was the last one, you can\'t really blame him for updating this one ... last ... time. He\'s removed over 60 cvars that just seemed to bog the thing down. Doing so has streamlined the mod, making it faster, the filesize smaller and it doesn\'t use as much RAM as before. One of the great things about JAR (for JA) is that Server Admins are able to pick and choose which commands they want their Admins and Knights to have. Chosen has included that same feature here, for those still playing JK2! He\'s also customized the aminfo command according to what level of admin you are, or if you\'re just a player. Two new little cvars were included to let you change the health regeneration of bactas and adjust the value of which the bacta regenerates your HP. I\'d say those are some decent updates for this mod and worth the download - especially with the removal of those cvars. Great job, as always, Chosen! ~AmosMagee

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