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Sniper Multi-Clan Pak


The long awaited skin pack from Vito has finally arrived. This pack is especially important because this is the first pack he has released. A lot of time and effort obviously went into its creation.
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Now, that being said, time to review. The pack consists of 15 different pairs of skins (male/female) reserved for each clan, and 1 set for public use. Now, I know that it takes a lot of time and energy to create this many skins but I must say I am a bit disappointed as a whole. The actual pk3 file takes up 3.45 MB of space for which you are asked to only use two skins. For those of you who are unaware of file sizes, this is a good portion of space for only two available skins. I personally do not mind having these skins on my hard drive to acknowledge all the different clans, but not everyone may agree. The concept for these skins is very basic but executes itself flawlessly. They are primarily black with only the eyes, gear and breasts visible. For such a simple idea, they pull off a really cool “black ops” type style. Two disappointing aspects of their design are: #1 The team colors may as well not exist. They are barely more visible than the regular skin. This is extremely annoying for those of us that play CTF because we are forced to fire on anyone whom we can’t identify their team color. #2 And maybe this isn’t a bad thing, but every male skin and every female skin is exactly the same for each clan. The only thing that differentiates one from another is a small badge on the wrist indicating the clan. One cool feature of all of these skins is that each one has nine separate taunts. The taunts are extremely good quality and very creative. They transition very well with the theme of the skins. All of the taunts are the same for the male skins as well as the female skins have the same taunts. This is to be expected, as if Vito had customized 9 taunts apiece for 32 skins, we could expect his grandchildren to be releasing this skin pack. Overall this is a good skin pack, especially for a first go. If I could change only one thing, I would have him rework the team colors. For me there is nothing more annoying than when I can’t identify teammates. Pandemonium.

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