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OmNi Crypt


Okay, omigosh ... this map. I think I can honestly say, I\'ve never seen one this big before. Some may recognize a name and the map\'s design - and you should! The basic layout and design was
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originally done for the DKS Conundrum map, by LordWraith. He worked together with LouMineti on this map for JA. OmNi Crypt is so much like Conundrum that, in spite of the many hallways and twists and turns, I was able to find my way around quite easily. This map isn\'t nearly as dark as its predecessor and it has a lot more going on. Not only can you play this map as an FFA, but also a CTF. You\'ll notice that there are two areas that mirror each other and there\'s no mistaking which side you\'re on. There are many tributes to the OmNi clan throughout the map, but especially in one room with all of the names of clan members, past and present on large columns. There are quite a few secrets in this map, and I\'m sure I haven\'t found all of them. I really can\'t focus on each room in this map - there\'s just too much to go over. A few things I did notice, though, that I\'d like to mention, include the river with the bridge over it. The bad part first - the water isn\'t, y\'know, water. So you can\'t splash around and swim in that. The great part about this river though is the shape of it! So many people do very boring, straight rivers and it was nice to see some angles and a bit of dirt showing on the edges of the bank. This is a very well-constructed map. Besides the music not working, everything else about this map was perfect. Oh, and my FPS was great throughout the whole map! I suppose I only have two real complaints about this map. One - the sheer size of this map makes it difficult to play an FFA on. How do you find people? There are so many ramps and twists and turns - and it\'s difficult to give the rooms a name, so it\'s not easy for someone to find you when you tell them where you are. And two - the shader effects. They\'re blinding. In my opinion, there are shaders used in some very unnecessary areas and it\'s just too much. I had the same issue with Wraith\'s Area42 map (I think that\'s what it was called). Great map, but just too freakin\' shiny! All in all though, this is a wonderful map and I imagine many of you will add this to your servers. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yup New Music: Yes (but it doesn\'t work) Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF ~AmosMagee

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