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The Ancient Temple Of The Jedi


Some of the reviews you\'re seeing today are like, two months old. So my apologies for not getting these up sooner. Though, maybe I should apologize for getting this one up at all. :/ The Ancient
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Temple of the Jedi. Wow. With a title like that, you expect some grandiose temple-like thing that might have moss growing in the cracks of the old walls that are crumbling into a broken fountain that, while ancient and not working, still has a charm to it. Sooooo not the case here. I didn\'t include many screenshots, because there\'s just not much to see here. In the first one, you\'ll see that the best thing about this is the rain. See that tree over to the right? It\'s supposed to have fallen down and into the side of the building, I\'m guessing. Instead, it looks like a tree, placed inside a square stone ... thing with some very square crumbled pieces placed around it. Hrm. And next to that is a piece of a statue that looks somewhat buried ... in the stone floor. I\'m not sure I understand the point of the water in the center. It\'s not a fountain, but the water is only ankle deep. The columns on the left side look like glass, with water inside, but I dunno. I just ... am sort of at a loss for words here. There are a few places to duel - including a platform with a glass box thing that comes down over the duelists when you press a button. In the same room to the side is this decorative shrine like area thing. Yeah, no idea what it is. And then, I spared you all from having to see the lava room. There are several textures missing and there\'s only one redeeming quality about this map - my FPS was great! I\'m sorry if I\'m being harsh, but c\'mon - missing textures? If this is your first map, good job on the rain and the water looked great - even if I had no idea what it was supposed to there for. Oh, and the music was lovely, though I\'m not sure what it\'s from. Anyway, good luck on your next map Dannifilth! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Type: FFA ~AmosMagee

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