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Hello out there! We are live at the Blood Asp Inclusion Stadium! Ladies and Gentlemen to the right we have Rocker Mark! *Cheers from the crowd* On the Left we have the mighty El Nino Jedi!! He brings
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the hurricane and leaves the blood. This stadium is made just for dueling our fighters are being elevated up. There are a few elevators around the level making it easy to access higher parts of the map. There is bot support so lets add a few bots to make their fighting a bit harder. *Adds bot* Ouch! That was a hard blow to the shoulder! It seems as the two fighters are attacking the bots. There were new textures involved in the making of the map and its very good. The stadium is all green :). So for all you green people then yay! It seems as if there was new music, but supposedly there isn\'t but then again the maker and supporter of this stadium says that it didn\'t have bot support either although it did. The fighters are making their way to the top of the level there is this strange looking caution tape on the bridge it looks very good when mixed with the metal. *Bang* Ouch that looked like it hurt a slice straight down the hand. This stadium is very good when you have force push, force pull, and jump of course. Now you have to be very careful not to move when the elevator is coming up and down because you might fall off or get squished by it. *Clash Cling Slash* Rocker Mark has been struck down! Will he get up? The ref is going in. \"1! 2!\" He is back up! He takes fast strafes towards El Nino Jedi what will happen next! *Crack* El Nino Jedi\'s armor cracked in half! It is on the ground it pieces and El Nino Jedi doesn\'t look too happy about that. *Swish Swoosh Vroom Vap* Rocker Mark has been struck again, but this time I don\'t think he will get up. \"1! 2! 3! HE\'S OUT!\" We have a winner! Thank you for watching this fight at the Inclusion Stadium built by Blood Asp. -XgamerX New Sounds: Yes (I think so) New Textures: Yes Bot support: Yes Game Types: Duel

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