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FFA Oracle


Ok everyone, you should be in good cheer because its the time of year when your neighborhood DB brings you lots of bee¡K. Map reviews. And I have finally gotten around to reviewing the other map by
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my Hero¡K (For those who DON¡¦T know) WEDGE!!!!!!!!!!! Wedge has once again made a map worthy of recognition. This map titled oracle is yet another Wedge Map that utterly amazes me. The map has the Romanish(or maybe Greek I don¡¦t know) feel to it. Lots of big white marble building with huge columns and domes. It is a work of art. The whole map has a foggy feel to it, which makes it somewhat mysterious. The map is split up into 3 different temples, which are connected by pathways leading into a beautifully done pavilion (see pictures). Each temple has a brand new model in it, of huge statues of what I imagine are some ancient gods. The best one is the statue in the one main temple, which has a staff that has strange electricity shaders coming from it making a rather cool sight (again see picture). Another thing I like about this map are the textures and shaders. One of my favorites is the marble in the temples which has that shine to it that I love so very very much (like chocolate mints). The only problem (and its not even that big of a deal) are that the bushes out side in the map don¡¦t seem to be affected by the fog, so they seem oddly clear in a foggy map (look at picture once more) Oh also its once again for JK2!!!! Grrrr, at least their will be a JA version out soon, although with my luck certain OTHER reviewers who¡¦s names begin with Wade will probably try to review it before I can *cough cough*. Anyways¡K.. altogether though this map is some really nice work. This map like all of wedge¡¦s maps blows me away. I would recommend this map for everyone, if not to play on a server, just to look around and be amazed at ƒº. Great job wedge, I really look forward to your upcoming works. 10/10 ~DeathBringer New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Game Types: FFA

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