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Ultimate Server


This is a well needed mod for all of us who have experienced the lack of functionality with the normal server commands available since the release of the EF2 1.10 patch. As the author puts it this
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mod makes “EF2 a lot more fun to play (and more like EF1)”. A few of the “new” features you will find with the “Ultimate Server Mod v1.0” are: new sounds for things such as a combadge sound when chatting and CTF flag noises. This mod is very simple to install and comes with a detailed readme (or don’t readme as Gez says) to make it easy to use. The number one feature of this mod is the added Cvars. Some favourites are a slew of commands that work well for temporary or permanent banning of IP addresses and the ability to change the client’s user name and skin. The cfgs come pre-made with common features that are easy to understand and change for the novice or advanced. It is very simple to add a welcome message to clients as they enter the server. A few things that were not so great about this mod are #1 if there are no players on the server the map cycle does not continue. The timer for the maps begins when there are 2 or more players in game. This is a problem because if you have a not-so-popular map you are running and the timer doesn’t start, clients may not join and you will be stuck on that map. Another problem was when there were bots in the game with real players the voting was a bit buggy, 2 real players and 1 computer player could not vote to the next map, even though both players voted yes. These might possibly be easily fixed with changes to the cfgs, but it was not easily figured out if it is possible. Overall, this is a GREAT mod, I loved the added control and ability to keep unwanted nuisances out. The downsides are very few and minor (most servers have voting disabled anyway). It is nice to see that the problems of EF2 are being addressed and remedied. Pandemonium.

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