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Jedi Academy: Reloaded


A long awaited major admin based mod for you all :) This mod is the [un]official mod for the Jedi Academy. A server-side only modification designed to keep the peace and order on the servers. With
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that in mind, I set out and improved this mod with the way I wanted it to in the past. It's loaded with Admin Commands, Client Commands, Options, and cVars; Extremely modified to meet any clans expectations. This is truly the only mod you will ever need to get that doesn't alter the normal gameplay of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy® Please visit us at, or on IRC at #jedi-academy, #ja-reloaded @ Linux version coming soon!!! The v1.0 most noted commands are below: [list] [*]Server Admins can now pick and choose what commands they wish to allow their "am" and "jk" level admins to use. [*]g_mAdminCommands - cVar bit value to determine which "am" commands are allowed for their admins. [*]g_mKnightCommands - cVar bit value to determine which "jk" commands are allowed for their knights. [*]rcon admin can always execute the commands even if they are disabled to other admins. [*]aminfo - now prints commands that are accessable to admin, instead of just commands in the mod. [*]amhelp - now prints commands help to the admins pending if they are accessable to them. [*]New IP Range Banning Admin Command ( mbanrange) [*]g_mDebugEmpower - Will enforce the "No Force" rule and will not allow empowered clients to have force. [*]Spectator Followers can now be kicked, banned, etc. without affecting others. [*]mvstr - command that allows you to choose which map you want in the rotation, without disrupting the order. [*]mnextmap - executes next map available in rotation. [*]Most default settings that were in reloaded.cfg are now hardcoded into mod for faster and easier configuration. [*]mnpcaccess does not give client access to cheats. [*]You can now use clients names for assigning mnpcaccess/mnpcnoaccess. [*]g_mAdminGun - Enables/Disables AdminGun system. (includes script) [*]g_mAllowTeleFlag - default is enabled, if set to 0, clients cannot teleport during CTF and CTY gameplay. [*]New BanIP.dat file stores banned ip's. Full use of 2048 saved ips activated! [*]Tweaked the whois command a little again to make it more stable. [*]g_mGiveAdmin - if set to 1, you can grant an admin access level to anyone on the server. [*]madminaccess, mdenyadminaccess - commands for granting/denying admin access to clients. [*]Enable/Disable use of black color names. [*]New logout function - to logout as an admin or knight. [*]Ignore - ignore certain clients from chatting so you dont have to listen to them. [*]Sleeping clients can no longer use the kill command. [/list] -WadeV1589-

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