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Russian Start-Up Screen


Hmm ok I am going to try a different type of review :). *Walks through the back stage* Hello and welcome to This Is Your Start-Up Screen Today! We have a special guest Takoi! He brings us a
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Russian Start-Up Screen, so come on out Takoi! *Claps* XgamerX: Welcome to the show Takoi. Takoi: Thank you, It\'s a pleasure to be here. XgamerX: Right... so I hear that you have made a new type of Start-Up Screen and unlike others its in Russian. Takoi: Yes, that is correct, but of course I did not put in new sounds that could talk in Russian saying Multiplayer or Single Player. XgamerX: I see, I noticed that you didn\'t change the buttons sadly. Takoi: Yes, I had to go eat my Russian Tea and Caviar, which was very good. XgamerX: Right... So moving on, I see that the Start-Up screen is quite plain because all it happens to be is a Start-Up screen in Russian and a different picture. Takoi: That is correct XgamerX, I thought that maybe the people who speak Russian or those who like to talk in their secret language could use this. XgamerX: Personally I like the person, may I ask who that is? Takoi: Yes that’s a picture of my dear grandpa Joe when he was young, he doesn’t look like that anymore after he ate that duck for Thanksgiving. XgamerX: Thank you for sharing that strange information, well we have to go to our break, but when we get back we will talk about the overall rating of this Start-Up Screen. Commercial: Have you ever been scared of ShroomDucks? Well if you have then you should get the Shroom-A-Nizer! Only 2,000 payments of 2.00! What a deal! This is a one-time offer and if you call in the next ten minutes you will get an extra can of Shroom-A-Nizer! Call 1-800-I-Love-Ducks to receive your Shroom-A-Nizer! XgamerX: And we are back for the final reviewing of this Russian Start-Up screen. It seems that the start-up screen itself is kind of plain in general mainly because it has no new sounds or buttons. That’s ok because Takoi supplies you with a nice picture of what it appears to be a good ol\' Jedi :D. Overall it\'s good if you are Russian and playing JKA although it doesn\'t change the buttons at all so if Multiplayer, Single Player, Options, Help, and Exit are the same in Russian then lucky you, if not then darn it\'s kind of a waste. Now seeing as I don\'t know Russian I can\'t tell you what it says unfortunately, but if you can speak it please enlighten us :). This is probably one of those start-up screens that isn\'t for everyone only Russians really although anyone can use it. Well it was nice for you to come Takoi good work on your start-up screen. Takoi: Thank you now give me my money! *Gets out of chair and walks backstage to eat more donuts* -XgamerX New Button: No New Sounds: No

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