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JediRemix: Endgame Edition


For those of you who adored the Jedi+ mods and the many Dragon Remix mods, rejoice - for there is now a marriage between the two and Covax brings you JediRemix: Endgame Edition (or JediMOD: Dragon
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Remix 2). Installing only this mod gave me a few new skins and swords and other weapons, but not nearly as many as one would have if they had downloaded all of the skins supported in this mod. I think I shall start this review with the maps. The ruined church map is ominous, with its dark, cloudy sky, deteriorating church, lava pool and cemetary. You\'ll find small fires burning inside the church on and around the broken pews. Rafters have collapsed and you get the feeling that the building could cave in at any moment. Sadly, the church bell\'s texture is missing. The map is okay. I love the concept, but it just wasn\'t what I was expecting. It could\'ve been better. The Vampire Dojo was a bit more appropriate, in my opinion, for this mod. It\'s the Matrix Dojo, retextured. The map is much darker and with the many different textures used here, it gives it an almost evil ambiance. I believe this map was made for the Blade mod (was that ever completed?). There is no way that I could review each and every weapon available to you. It\'s not a time issue, it\'s because not all of them showed up for me. I\'m assuming it\'s because I didn\'t have everything downloaded. What I did get to play with were like, a huge axe, some LOTR weapons (including Gandalf\'s staff) and some other things that I didn\'t recognize. The models included in this mod were Dante, Tiamet (actually, Night Elf), Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Diablo II Barbarian (v2.0). The only difference I noticed for Dante was his size. He was like, Yoda-sized compared to the other models. Tiamet gave me some problems. The green Night Elf either doesn\'t have a taunt or there\'s an issue with the taunt included because when I tried to taunt, it crashed my game. :/ There are two reskins of the Evangelion model and both are great. So, while I didn\'t get to experience everything this mod had to offer, I did get a chance to see enough to say that this is a decent little package here. Sure, the church map had a music error and a missing texture and the Tiamet skin crashed my game - but hey, other than those few small issues, this is a big mod with a lot to offer. Have fun playing it! ~AmosMagee

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