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Dark Forces (v2.0) Beta


Personally, I love playing new single player maps. If only there were more single player maps and fewer character replacement mods - I would be a happy, happy girl. :) Dark Forces is a single player
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map that is still in its early stages. It says 2.0, but don\'t let that fool ya - this is definitely a beta. The map starts out in a very blue hallway and as soon as you move toward the Trooper, a cut scene plays. The camera whooshes through the hallway and into the room just to the right where there are many other Imperials guarding this one very important button! Now you know - you must get to that button. So you kill the guards and move on to the room. Kill them, press the button. Something has happened - but what?! So you explore a bit, find some things, see another cut scene, find another button, go through another door and find yourself in a very large ... um ... I dunno. It\'s just big and pretty with lots of lights. An impossible number of Troopers are at the top of this ledge thing. And they\'re ALL shooting at you with repeaters, flechettes and rocket launchers. You\'ll also find the occasional Reborn here and there. But you don\'t have a lightsaber! Took forever for me to kill one. Oh, and when you\'re trying to climb to the top, the $#&!% keeps pushing you down. Sooooo frustrating. Actually, I shot him with a rocket launcher I picked up (forgot where I got it) and he fell to the ground and I suppose he waited for me to come down, got tired of waiting and wandered off because I didn\'t see him again. The cut scenes are kinda, broken. But the author acknowledges this and asks for help if you know much about camera angles and cut scene stuff. :) He also says he\'s still working on objectives. I\'d also love to see a story to go along with this map. I can\'t wait to see the completed map. I think you\'re off to a great start. I should mention that the water thing in that second room kinda seemed pointless. I kept expecting a door to open up underwater. Oh well. I just hope that Szico VII will be able to make this a long-lasting, challenging and enjoyable SP map. :) Good luck with it! New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Type: SP ~AmosMagee

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