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Dday: Revolution Beta


Dday: Revolution is a Warcraft 3 custom map, based on 3 corridors map. You have two sides, Holy Forces and Damned Forces and you can choose which side you want to fight for. Each side has main
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building (for Holy Forces it's Castle; for Damned Forces it's Black Citadel) and to score a win you have to destroy an opponent's main building. It is remake of D-day: Judgement map, new coding, new realistic terrain, remade skins spells and tool tips. For more information about D-day: Judgement, take a look at History of Dday. Dday: Revolution Content Terrain After years of battle, D-day Judgement grounds have been bombarded with nuclear bombs, magic spell effects to the point the grounds broke up. One day all the demi-gods come together and restored the land's original state. The shape is the same as it was but now it looks more natural, with trees, smooth hills and natural environment. The design was created by Gilles. Loading Time and Screen The waiting time for each battle has been improved. It probably was the most annoying thing in D-Day: Judgement was too long loading time (more than two minutes). In DDay: Revolution Edition, the map’s loading time is around 15 seconds. Loading screen contains concept art image created by Mikael Ohlund especially for Dday, old fans of the map can see on the image well-known heroes Lich King, Illidan, Panda Brewmaster, Blake, Archimonde, Warden and Admiral Proudmoore. Triggering After years of struggling with bugs and messy codes, the Editor of Revolution, Markone, redesigned the triggers from scratch in regular JASS (90% approximately). With this design and coding, it will help the editor update map faster, easier to debug and organize. Skins/Models Skins of all custom-skinned heroes are remade and will continue to remake, from scratch and they are more detailed, better suit than it’s predecessor versions. This first Public Beta Version (P.B.V.) map contains a few remade skins (for now Moooren, Cyber Priest and Blake) and their creators will be mentioned in Credits section. Since there are no custom-modeled heroes in this first P.B.V., there are no models except realistic models of trees and animated grass. Modes -xday: Enables DDay: Extremme mode, merges lanes, player can choose heroes from Both, Holy or Damned side. -ml: Merges middle lanes of corridors. -portal: Enables to pick all heroes for both teams. -rg: Random heroes of base side. -ob: Turn player into observer. Note: Host can enable 2 observer’s slot when he creates game. -dsc: Disable Smooth camera. -oldb: 19.9b hero bounty. -na: Enables No All mode; Removes buildings: Creep Masters shop, Recruiting Center/Summoning Altar; removes items: Town Portal, Ankh of Reincarnation, Kellen’s Dagger of Escape, Mask of Death, Scroll of Animate Dead, Inferno Stone and Amulet of Spell Shield are removed. -is: Enables item sharing. -rs: Enables resource sharing. Heroes There were 82 heroes in last version of Judgement (20.0fe). Since this is first P.B.V. we created only 12 heroes (on each side 6); 2 agility heroes (1 melee, 1 ranged), 2 strength heroes (1 melee, 1 ranged) and 2 intelligent heroes (1 melee, 1 ranged). Heroes are remade, their look and spells now fit more to them. Holy Force heroes: Illidan Stormrage, Tyrande WhisperWing. Jim Raynor, Mercury (Cyber Priest), Moooren and Moonblade. Damned Force heroes: Blake, Prince of Legion, Mal’Ganis, Archimonde, Buzzdook and Zuhx. In following versions D-DayTeam will work on remake on the rest of heroes and after careful balancing job, we shall put them in the map. Hotkeys and Description (Tooltips) Hotkeys are changed and they are in QWER style. We decided to go with this design to give the players quicker access to their spells/skills. For instance, if the first spell of the hero is Cow Stomp the hotkey is Q, if you want to cast ultimate you will press R as fourth button. Revolution’s tooltips is really a revolution if we compare it with Judgement’s. First of all these, in Revolution, gives more information (cooldown, type of spell or item, it’s effect and of course description) and they are well-organized. Credits JNcool DDAYWORLD’S OWNER Markone MAP’S EDITOR, SKINNER, TESTER XS-Archangel TOOLTIPER, SKINNER, TESTER, PUBLIC RELATIONS, DATABASE UPDATER XS-Onewithdarkness BETA TESTERS TEAM LEADER XS-Minhtan 2ND RANK TESTER deKXer EDITOR’S RIGHT HAND, AI DEVELOPER Ezella NA BALANCER Sephiroth FORMER BALANCER, CONTRIBUTOR XS-Fe3C DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR, PROGRAMMER ------------------------------------------------------------------ BETA TESTERS: Breziq, robii, D_I_M, PHILIP_THE_BEST, MasterHaosis, Boilu[Inflames], [GT]Gjo, [GT]K, [GT]enemy, alsia, cao_minh_anh, ded.yoyo, the_death009, [GT]conquest, hoalua, sida_thieugia, [Black].Recca, binh -------------------------------------------------- OTHERS: [DBL]Mozok, [DBL]Papa, mrpathron, Hein Dir, vo hoang sanh khang, Muttala, Raol, Flame Phoenix, MetaMorphic, [PRO]Heretic ------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIALISTS: Gilles TERRAINER. Dionesiist SKINNER, General Frank MODELER, Expresso (and Tranquil) MODELER, Thrikodius MODELER, Mikael Ohlund LOADING SCREEN ARTIST, 67Chrome FUTURE SKINNER, FrIkY FUTURE SKINNER -------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to iIPal and Zigzager (3 corridors), Toosalty (3 corridors D-DAY), MonkY (creator of D-Day: Judgement) and ArmaFire, Alex, Daniel, eScpY, Neo and once again to JNcool and Markone (creator of DDay: Revolution). Thanks to DDayWorld’s affiliates which support the map, EpicWar, The Hiveworkshop, Element TD, wc3-maps, WC3 Filefront, Clan X2O, RotG, Enfo’s MT, Diablo3 Warcraft, Eurobattle and BlizzFan. And at the end thanks Blizzard for making such a entertaining game which holds us for so many years.

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