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The Jedi Hall [DT]


It isn\'t often that I come across a map that I like and dislike equally. Confused? Mmkay, let me explain. Usually when a mapper figures out how to map really well, they\'re consistant and every room
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looks either good or great. That\'s why this map is such a paradox to me. Some rooms I really like. They look great and you could have some spectacular duels in \'em. Others seem almost amateurish in comparison. The soft glow of the lights on the outside of the map are great, everything else outside is just ... blah. Inside, in the main room, there\'s like this weird curvy ceiling thing that I might\'ve liked if a different texture had been used. But most of the textures here are ... well ... part of me wants to say bland, another part of me wants to say stark. Take your pick. But then I turn the corner and enter a green room with floating platforms and strategically placed weapons and I have hope for this map. Then I find a red room, with the same feel as the green one, but instead of floating platforms, they\'re pillars at different heights. And I love the lighting in here. So imagine my disappointment when I find my way to the room with the benches and two rows of grass. This room serves no purpose and is just boring. Then the map\'s schizophrenia kicks in and I stumble into a large room with a decent looking fountain, more interesting architecture, albeit simple and sparse and again, my hope rises. Finally the last room in the map, and while I do like it, it just doesn\'t fit in with the theme of the map. Wait. What is the theme? *scratches head* Okay, well, do you see my point? This map has potential, but it fell short from getting my vote. Can\'t wait to see what else you make for JA though. It\'s okay to have your work hit and miss with people, but not all at once in the same map! ;) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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