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Flyr Clavic


Ok first off all of you are going to say, \"Who in the world is Clavic\" well here is what the author describes him as. [quote]Flyr Clavic is the main Character of science fiction series called
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Staronia. I understand if you haven\'t heard that name, because Staronia is written by myself, and it is written only in Finnish. He is a young human male from Planet Ratshes III, and he\'s a Han solo/ Edison Trent-wannabe freelance pilot. [/quote]. Now moving on, all it really is, is a Luke that has different clothing, like oh my gosh! There wasn\'t anything special on this skin unless you consider a scar that is nearly impossible to see special then by all means say that. The team color tops look like someone just ran Clavic over and was like Haha. He looks like a Stick Stanley flat as a pancake, there is no detail on the clothing no wrinkles nothing of that sort. I think I saw small sideburns unless it is just the bad quality. Overall I say MEH! Yes meh the skin is nothing special sure he made a skin, but did he really make that many improvements with the skin, personally I don\'t think so. Now I give him credit for making a skin something I have no clue how to do so props to that. Another thing is that he made Bot Support and Team Colors, he also said there was new sounds, but they weren\'t showing up shucks. Maybe he can make a much better version of the skin with some detail on the clothing and all around the face and arms so basically the clothing and flesh. So now there can be a lot of work on the skin to make it better and we can see what the real Clavic looks like. A mediocre job Tarados Gon. Good luck in the future of skinning and one thing, although this is your first skin you should practice skinning a bit more and don\'t give up just because of this review I see a good future of skinning from you. -XgamerX New Sounds: No Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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