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CTF Lunacy


[b]Updates:[/b] [list][*]!AAH! Telsia Skin: Fixed an issue with her hair bun not drawing making her head look hollow [*]Lighting: Fixed some areas that were to dark, Like the center of the
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map [*]Texture misalignments: Fixed several textures in the red base that went bad during the blue base [*]red base copy paste process. [*]Red Flag: Fixed an issue with the red flag not sitting on the stand correctly [*]Specalties rooms: Fixed an issue with the transporter effects not working. [*]The Specalties transporters now stand out more and you can see them more clearly.[/list] CTF Lunacy... who hasn\'t heard of it by now? The setting of this map is of course on the Moon. In the sky you see our beloved little planet overshadowed by the Sun. But hey, the action isn\'t up in the skies :p Lunacy features two bases divided by tall lunar cliffs. In a slightly similar fashion to Tartirus, there are 3 routes between bases: two above ground, and one underground. All roads lead to a large room which serves as the centre of the map (I would suppose an important area to control in a match :)). Weapons are not hard to find and most likely you\'ll be able to pick one up close to where you spawn. You\'ve got a big variety of weapons, including the Idryll staff and the Rad Gun. A feature I find interesting is the little trap surrounding the Rad Gun. At the push of a button, the floor underneath the Rad Gun opens up plunging the player (who\'s about to grab the gun and most probably proceed kill you with it) to their death! }> When in Specialities mode, players start off in small green-houses! I thought this was a neat feature to customize this part rather than use the normal Spec spawn point. In One Flag mode, the flag is right in the middle of the map set on a pedestal at the top of the room. In Control Points, the CP\'s are scattered in various locations, and because they\'re pretty far apart it\'d be a big challenge taking control of them all. As with his last maps, James has included 5 skins for all to use (they can be selected via the player setup menu). They are of Jurot, Telsia, Syndey, Katrina and the Plant Lady. An overall very interesting and well-built map! A great use of textures and geometry are a compliment to the gameplay offered. I suppose what sets Lunacy apart from James other maps is that it\'s relatively closed off. It definitely adds more variation to what\'s sure to be another Nukem Classic :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No (not counting skins ) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Modifiers:[/b] All of them

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