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Rancor Party


Ok I am going to start this review with a LOL!!!! That video was great! Ok moving on now. This video brought back really funny memories with that music that was playing. When I was little I got in
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trouble for listening to that song, it matches the video quite well. You need Divx to play it or else you are just going to hear sounds, now doesn\'t that sound like fun! There are like five or six rancors running around chasing the players and the player are just hopping around enjoying themselves sounds fun right? Wrong, they were brutally maulled by the rancors *tear*, but they came back to life amazingly and slaughtered the rancors, YAY for the jedi kind, or sith kind. He mixed the beginning of the song a long with the normal song \"Do it like on the Discovery Channel\" was the name I believe. It was quite the party for them it was funny because they were just having a gay ol time, yes I said gay giggle all you want. The action in the movie was quite funny and the best part about it all is well I don\'t know if I should say this, but the Rancors weren\'t harmed during the filming, they were harmed \"Afterwards\". *Poaches a few wild Rancors* I Didn\'t do it! Moving on the action was funny just to watch not spectacular, but funny. The music that was mixed a bit was great for it, I watched it without the video and just cracked up listening to it all over again and in the beginning I had no clue. The quality of the video wasn\'t that good, but it was decent I\'ll give you that so you can see what they are doing. If you want to see this video make sure you either have headphones or speakers to listen to it heh. In the end of the film more sith died that jedi YAY! I mean it was quite a shame for the sith and the jedi to lose their lives taming these wild rancors brave souls. Well then good job Quanhan gave me a good laugh :) I appreciate it. -XgamerX

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