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Our own Maddog brings us re-skin of Rax named Half Dead. He says he was \"Bored\" and his creativity started to work during boredom! It reminded me of one of the characters from one of the Doom
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games. The gashes that were created looked very clean and crisp so it gives it that realistic look. It has bot support and that is ALWAYS a plus. There are new sounds and the taunt I couldn\'t tell what he was saying. There are team colors yay! I liked the hands they looked a bit mutilated. The detail on the face looked great and if you pay attention to the eyes they have this grayish film over them. He reminds me of a drunk guy that got in a bar fight then had to get stitched up and as he was getting stitched up he just ran away leaving him looking ugly... poor guy. Anyway he is wearing something like a suit and it has all the right wrinkles in the pants and everything you would need! His hands look like someone smashed a bottle into them and took a sword and sliced them heh. Sorry if the explanation of the skin was a bit gruesome, but hey the skin is gruesome! In the end this is an awesome skin to get especially around this time of the year seeing as Halloween is almost here so now you have something to trick-or-treat with!! The creativity level was very good on thinking to make it although he said he was inspired by the game Resident Evil from what I re-call. The team colors looked very simple all he did was change the coat colors, which was too bad that he couldn’t change some more things. Overall I wouldn’t use this skin all the time, but I would use it. It is a good skin to have in the collection of skins and especially with the detail and that amount of effort put into it, at least it looks like he put effort it in :). Good Job Maddog maybe next time we can get more detail on the team colors, but at least you have everything :). -XgamerX New Sounds: Yes Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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