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Wampa Joust


Here Ye Here Ye Mek brings us his newest map WAMPAJOUST! Yes that means that you sit on Wampas and joust. For those who don\'t know what a joust is, it is when two players ride the wampas and charge
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at each other and smash each other till one falls off. Ok so you learned something now moving on. The map is quite fun just riding the wampas, but as you probably will learn it gets quite boring after like 10 minutes. What you really need is a Rancor so you see how a Rancor can make your wampas fly. The lighting sort of sucks it was quite dark, but maybe is was made so it looked like it was night time, don\'s ask me ;). The map is good for people who love to play with wampas or just like slaughtering them like mean sith. It is interesting to spawn some sort of NPC in the center of the map and you joust straight at it and the first person to kill it wins. There are different types of ways to play the map, but there is no room for FFAs except for like a four person one in the center of the map. There is not much room to ride the wampas and it’s not really that much of a joust. *Goes and jousts someone real quick and runs back* Overall, I liked and disliked this map in many ways. One downside was no bot support so for all you people that don’t like to play online or lost your Internet connection then I am sorry to say that this map is not the best map for you. If you have the access to spawn an npc then the map is extremely fun. There is no music playing on the map, but he said he would maybe make another version if you read the read-me file. The map is only for FFA from what I experienced. The sky looks pretty good, but in my case it wouldn’t matter. The size of the map is pretty good there isn’t any space that you wouldn’t use at one point or another. The map gets boring after a while without npcs or bots. I would get this map if you have an active server or just like to joust with people. Good job Mek and I hope to see an improved map from you where you have something like a cage that has a rancor or something in that sense and with bot support and music :). Now time to joust some more! -XgamerX New Sounds: No Bot Support: No New Textures: I think so Vehicles: Yes Wampas Game Types: FFA

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