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Battlefield 1942

Saint Lo


[quote]Background: July 11th, 1944 - Saint Lo, France. The American First Army, particularly elements of the 29th ,30th, and 35th Infantry Divisions, began their breakout from Normandy\'s
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hedgerows after over a month of fighting for gains measured only in inches. At the sametime the German 2nd SS Panzer Division and the 2nd Fallschirmjager Corp, including the 3rd Fallshirmjager Division, attempt to desperately push the allies out of France and back into the sea. Saint Lo is meant to be a realistically portrayed urban combat map. 85% of the buildings are enterable and allow for a very dramatic battle. The city is sprawling and full of enemies. The attacking team must learn to deal with the numerous German infantry hiding in the buildings and on the rooftops. The Objectives: Axis: The objective of the Axis is to keep the Allies from gaining a bridgehead into the city. If the Axis can keep the Allies off the bridges or stuck on the other side of the city, they will bleed to death. The Axis have less tanks than the Allies and no planes, but they have better tanks and many flak guns on the roofs of buildings. Also there are numerous machine gun nests all around the map to help make this a defense friendly map. Allies: The objective of the Allies is two fold. Either they hold both bridges and an inner flag to make the Axis bleed (and at the sametime have a reinforcement flag to spawn in the city) or they control one bridge and three inner flags to make the Axis bleed. And it is slightly possible to completely push the Axis off the map (take all the inner flags) Key Flags: Main Street Bridge - This is one of the two main flags on the map. There are two bridges into the main city of Saint Lo, controlling these is key. If the Allies control both, they stop their ticket decay. If the Axis control both of these flags, the Allies will bleed unless they own all four inner flags. You CANNOT spawn at this flag. 11th Avenue Bridge - The second main flag on Saint Lo is similar to the Main Street Bridge, this has the same rules as the first. You CANNOT spawn at this flag.[/quote]

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