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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Q3E Minimizer


Features: -=Features new to v1.20=- - If a game is active, and you choose to close Q3E Minimizer, it will now prompt you to make sure you really have chosen to close it whilst a game is
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active. - Major Overhaul on the Dynamic Screen Resolution Modifier. Now, when you quit the game, it won't keep the screen at the same resolution as your game. If you quit Q3E Minimizer whilst the game is still running though, it will keep it at the same resolution. -Whilst a game is running under automatic detection, you can change the game while the game is still running. (In 1.10, when the game was active, the menu was locked.) The user will need to quit the game if they want to re-enable auto detection however (But you had to do that anyway. ;) ) -Now supports these games: * Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (SP) * Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (MP) * Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Thanks goes to OomJan and coffee for the help in order to support these games) -=Features of v1.10=- -Auto Game Detetection Users now have the abilitity to set the minimizer to automatically scan for any active Q3 game, and then automatically set that game as the target for minimization. This feature is optional, and users may still manually choose which game they want the minimizer to target. (The detector will only work right if only one Q3 based game is running. If more than one is active, it will choose one itself) Whilst the detector and game are running, the drop-down menu is locked to prevent changing the game as it may cause errors. -Dynamic Screen Resolution Modifier A large number of gamers play their games at lower screen resolutuions, usually to get better performance from their video card, or due to older hardware. When a person normally minimizes the game, it will display their desktop at the same resolution as the game, which is usally quite ugly and quite difficult to operate with. At the request of several people, v1.10, and 1.20 come with the feature to activate an option that will automatically adjust the user's resolution upon minimization and restorization, depending on what the resolutions are when the game is minimized and the game is active. - Version 1.10 supports these new games: *Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (SP) *Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (MP) (If you still want to play the JKA demo, select the JKA SP choice as they are both the same thing. :) ) Instructions for Use: 1. Extract the Q3E Minimizer_v1.20.exe to anywhere in your computer (Location will NOT affect it's functioning) 2. Upon opening it, the main window will appear. In the drop-down menu located near the bottom of the window, choose which game you would like the minimizer to currently focus on, or leave it at Auto Game Detection, if you wish. 3. Start up that game as you would normally. 4. To minimize the game, press the default keys: Control-Z 5. To restore, press Shift-Control-Z To configure the hot keys, right-click on your current game's icon in the system tray, and choose "Settings...". From there, use the interface to select your new keys. BEWARE: If you position your desktop's icons in certain places, using the Screen Modifier may jumble them. You have been warned... ;)

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