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Q3 Engine Minimizer 1.10


TiM brings us an update to his Quake 3 Engine Minimizer. Take a gander at Daku’s review of version one: [quote] We all need nifty tool to do the things we need right? Right. Well, what if one of
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those nifty tools was a nifty tool for a bunch of different games? That would be excellent. Excellence has come to us. This minimizer from TiM, made with the help of a bunch of others whom he gives plenty of credit to, will minimize pretty much any game that runs off the Quake 3 engine. The program is very simple. You start it, choose the game you’re playing and set the buttons you will use to minimize and maximize. Right now the program supports Quake III: Arena, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force SP and MP, Star Trek: Elite Force II, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast SP and MP, the Jedi Academy demo and Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP and MP. Through a little experimentation I found it also works with Jedi Academy SP. I’m sure, though, that MP will be added before too long. As far as the technical aspects go, it works really well. As soon as you press your hotkeys the screen disappears and you’ve got your desktop. There’s no waiting, which I found to be an issue with another minimizer I used once. So if you get lots of IMs or just want to pop out of the game real quick, this is probably the program for you. - Daku[/quote] So what is new in version 1.10? A few new, useful things. It now comes with Auto Game Detection. This allows the minimizer to scan for any active Quake 3-based games, and automatically minimize that game. This is a pretty useful tool, so you don’t have to manually choose the game you are playing every time you want to minimize. However, if you’re picky, you can still choose the game yourself. Another new feature is the ability to maintain your screen resolution. If you’re like me, you probably play your games at a lower resolution than that of your normal desktop usage. When you minimize, it would keep the resolution of the game, and make your desktop look ugly and sometimes even get messed up. But this new feature allows for your screen to be at your normal resolution, so that everything looks normal, and no icons get moved. :) The interface has also been optimized to take up as little system resources as possible. I’ve always loved these minimizers. But, I only play JK2 and JKA, so the minimizers for those respective games work fine for me. But if you are a Quake 3 die-hard, and you are constantly bothered by IMs or whatever else, then definitely download this! It will make your internet gaming all that much easier. :P ~Lord Griever~

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