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={FeTT Academy}=


={FeTT}= Academy While there are a lot of good things going for this map, nice size, lots of areas to hang out and a plentiful amount of force fields ;), there’s nothing stunning or really
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gripping about this map that makes me want to play there. As with most clan maps, you can find the Fett name above the entry way to the inner areas where more room can be found for dueling and some good old FFA’n. The visuals on this map leave a lot to be desired, more rock and stone, hurrah. It just gets a tad blah after awhile, the monotony just keeps going and going. Opposite the entry way to the inner areas of the map is a hall that leads to what look like barracks or cells. Don’t go down that hall though, you’ll find yourself very dead :P For some reason the author thought it a good idea to make that area an instant kill section in the map, and while you can get back there it just seems like a bad idea. If you manage to get past the force field blocking entry to the inside of the map you’ll find yourself in a room with pillars and more stone with some nice tan dirt everywhere ;P Okay, yeah I know “it’s the texture!” they say, but blah I say. It’s just more of the same. Up and down some stairs and you’re at the point where you can reach the next room! This next area seems to be a bit more of a formal combat area given there are seats/tables around the mat along with a platform with some very useful controls…and you guessed it, more sand and rock! One control brings a force field up around the edge of the ring, trapping any combatants within until one or the other dies, or someone decides to life the field. I really like that idea actually; the whole fight to the death thing is accentuated by that aspect of the ring. The other control can lift a force field on the door that leads to that area, so no unwanted guests can make it inside. This is great too, I can’t tell you how many great battles I’ve been apart of have been interrupted by some Joe waltzing through the door and sobering everything in sight! :P. The MUSIC! JOY! LoL, yes, you know it…that is FF7 battle music going on! Nuff said ;P So really, if you’re looking for a map that can server for trialing purposes and general hang out areas this map is for you. Don’t expect to be wowed out of your mind when playing this though, it’s another clan map, that’s about it. Bot Support : No New Textures : No Game Modes : All but CTF and CTY New Sounds/Music : Yes *ff7! wooo!* Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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