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={FeTT}= Training Grounds


={FeTT}= Training Grounds Quality Duel maps are something that I really like to see, what with how some monstrous FFA maps are turning out, one should be able to make an equally impressive or
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memorable duel map I would think. That’s not to say simplicity isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes maps that over do something really become more of a hassle than anything else. The Duel map that SITHDUKE has submitted today is really a nice one, not bad at all. He seems to have found the balance between simplicity and something fresh. The author tells us his intentions were to make a duel training area that suits 1 v 1 dueling…I’m guessing that’s why he made it a duel map ;) There’s nothing terribly tricky about this map either. No wandering around until you finds your opponent, no getting lost anywhere either. You are spawned in a room (the only room) across from your opponent. From there you make your way to the center area where a nice platform has been created for dueling purposes. The room itself reminds me of something I would find inside the Massassi temple somewhere, as it has that strong Yavin theme going on. The lighting in there is great, leaving nothing to be desired. If you look out a window above the side door inside the room, you can see some trees, which is a nice touch. The playability of this map reminds me of somewhere I’ve played before. It just feels like another smaller version of a pre-existing map…which in this case it isn’t really a bad thing. It does what it was intended to do, that’s be an ideal place for undergoing 1 v 1 duels. Can’t complain there ;P Bot support would have been simply lovely, but alas, there is none to be found :/. One thing that really kicks about this map however is the music. IMHO it’s great for dueling, a driving beat with cool effects, very nightclub like; which brings me to my next observation. The music definitely does not fit the maps Yavin theme. It just doesn’t go with the whole maps look. Now that’s not a complaint, I happen to like the music and maybe sometimes it’s because it doesn’t fit just right that makes it fun and memorable. Who knows, in any case the music itself is a big + for this map. Overall this is a quality map, done right. There’s just nothing incredible about it, but maybe that wasn’t the author’s intention. I can safely say that this map is worth the download, just don’t expect to be blow away. Bot Support : No New Textures : No Game Modes : Duel New Sounds/Music : Yes Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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