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Forest Sanctuary


Mistress Angel brings us the Forest Sanctuary. Created originally in jk2, she has modified her map to also work in Jedi Academy. I tested to make sure, and indeed, the map works flawlessly in both
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games. This map is very expansive. The main spawn area is one small, enclosed room which has numerous teleports that lead to the various areas in the map. Every room in this map is fit for a large FFA, or numerous duels. And most areas have the hazard of lava or a pitfall. One room contains a large, circular platform, which is floating over lava, and is surrounded by many more small circular platforms. One gets the vibe of a “trial arena” sort of area. The trainer and trainee duel in the middle platform, while members of the clan or whatever watch from the smaller circular platforms. :) In another area, you will be confronted by a small maze of platforms over lava which deals death instantly. I didn’t really see a point at first, but spend a little time in here, and you’ll find something semi-hidden. :) In the third of the four rooms, you are dropped into a small building overlooking what appears to be a shrine area, with a large statue and pond in the center. This area has three more doors. The door directly behind the statue leads to a large, jungle area. The left door leads to a small, dimly lit room with a large fire in the center. Reminds me of the old days back in boy scouts. Take the right door to find a cantina, with… mmmmm…. Ysalamiri roasting over an open flame, and plenty of alcohol! The fourth and final area leads to another trial arena-like area, with another large, floating platform in the center, and a balcony surrounding it, instead of smaller platforms around the large one. There is also a small, windowed room where more people can sit and watch the duelers, or FFA’ers. I absolutely love this map! I had played it in JK2, and loved it then, and the port to JKA is most welcome! :D The frame rate of the map is wonderful, save for a few places. The music is great, it has kind of a soothing and relaxing feel to it. Mistress, make some more maps, NOW! ;) ~Lord Griever~ [b]New Textures – Yes New Music – Yes Bot Support – Yes[/b]

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