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FFA Snafu


FFA Snafu While some maps can be perfect in utter simplicity due to great gameplay, there are some maps which require something more than a kicking tune to get it up off the ground. So it goes
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with the FFA Snafu map we’ve got here today. AAW*s.n.a.f.u.* sends us this map submission, and while the potential is there for a truly stellar experience a bland look and uninteresting level design really prohibit it from ever actually taking place. There’s no new textures, just a very blah grey metal everywhere offset but some dodgy looking black walls I’ve seen elsewhere. The whole metallic appeal to it is just boring, nothing that makes it stand out from anything at all…just the same old same old you know? There’s a load of weapons floating about on the middle side areas of the map, at least munitions are easy to come by! :) The upper most level is a flat plain that keeps you boxed in with those same black walls. A fine area for mass destruction and what not, but all the same it’s very blah. The tell tale bounding bot syndrome sadly holds true with this map as well as there’s not any bot support. That could have upped the map’s usefulness up quite a bit, and I’ve gotta say it…start including bot support for maps! Please! It’s always a good idea no doubt about it. Now there’s one thing that does set this map apart from the rest…the music. A screaming guitar track that while not really suitable to this map, is still in its own right very cool. I think I sat there and listened to it for a good five minutes before checking out of the map itself…which is what you might find yourself doing it you decide to download this map. I’ll only really recommend this map if you’re a friend of clan mate of the Author, there’s just no real good reason to get this map other than the fact that you might like the music in it. Keep on mapping AAW*s.n.a.f.u.*, hope to see some really rocking stuff from you in the future :D New textures : No New Music : Yes Bot Support : No Game modes : All but Duel Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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