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CTF Moria


CTF Moria is a small CTF map based loosely (and I use the word loosely very loosely), on the Mines of Moria. It consists of 3 basic parts, the main fighting room, the red maze, and the blue maze.
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The main room has what could be called a “modern” resemblance of Moria. It has the long tall gray stone pillars, and a dark frightening look of it toward the edges, but besides this there is no major resemblance. For one there is an elevator that takes you up to a glass sniper pad floating in midair. It’s not very Moria-like but since it makes for great sniping, I won’t complain. Next there is a bridge that leads over a canyon that divides the two sides. It’s a lot of glass, and metal textures, once again not very Moria-like. Lastly are also two elevators, which take you down to… nowhere… apparently. Well actually it leads to a passage that leads to the other side of the main room but since it takes about 20 minutes less just to walk across the main room, I don’t really see the point. Then there are the “mazes”, one for each team. The “maze” is basically a couple different passageways that lead to dead ends, and one that leads to a flag room, total 30 seconds to get through. In the end I don’t see much good in this map. I guess when I look at it compared to some its ok, but personally I have seen better work from Flyguy. I guess I was just expecting better. I don’t see much that I haven’t seen before. There are no new textures, it’s rather blocky, it’s the same old average type of map I see all to often. Still don’t get me wrong, this map isn’t horrible or anything. It does have bot support, and some nice music. Personally I wouldn’t play this map, but if you’re bored of all the maps you have, and you just want something new for a little while, then you might want to take a look at this. 6.5/10 ~DeathBringer New Texture: No Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes

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